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We proudly service the Current River area in Thunder Bay, ON . What began as a very humbled size grocery store (over 20 years ago) has now turned into a LARGER grocery AND merchandise store. Our goal has always been to provide exceptional service and quality to our customers (while offering competitive pricing). We take pride in our independence and strive to ensure a pleasurable shopping experience, making all customers come back again and again!

At Skaf's Just Basics we proudly offer an expansive inventory including:

  • ALL grocery items (Produce, Meat, Milk, Eggs...)

  • Specialty dietary products  (Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto...)

  • Merchandise (Tools, Hardware, Kitchen Utensils, Office Supplies, Toys...)



The owner, Robert Skaf, has been in the food retail industry since he was 10 years old, living in Beruit, Lebanon. He moved to Canada in the 70's and soon after opened the Skaf Food Store grocery chain in Northwestern Ontario. The grocery stores came to an end in the early 90's, leaving Robert and his family to settle elsewhere. It was with great pride and accomplishment that Robert was able to re-open a grocery store in Thunder Bay and with that pride comes hard work and dedication so that all customers will shop feeling satisfied and taken care of, like they are a part of the family.


Today, Skaf's Just Basics remains open with a recent renovation and expansion of the grocery store, which includes the addition of general merchandise and specialty dietary products. Robert is also joined by his two children, Joseph and Jennifer.


We are family at Skaf's Just Basics and we hope that our friendly customers and amazing staff feel the same way!

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